2018    Surplus Store. Galeri Specta
2018    White chamber. Gammelgård Herlev
2018    Holes. Overgaden. Denmark
2017    I dont believe in anything. French ambassy
2016    I surrender all. Overgaden
2015    Clean conscience. Viborg Kunsthal
2015    This is goodbye, light version. MFS Roskilde
2014    Closed clothes. x bunker
2014    This is goodbye. Gulbenkian Cam
2014    Faults and Flaws. Sydhavn st.
2014    Cheers. Das KunstBüro, Århus DK
2013    Behind the drapes. Kbh. kunsthal
2013    No other way
2012    Never gonna be the same
2011    Silent site. Rebecca Kormind
2011    At first sight. Det hemmelige galleri Herning.
2010    As always. Charlottenborg kunsthal
2010    As always part two. Galleri Gl. Lejre
2010    Alone. Gl. Strand
2010    No more. Galleri gl. Lejre
2010    Never alone. Heningsen contemporary
2010    Never ending. Heningsen contemporary
2010    Dead End. Koh i noor